Stanley Government

Stanley Government

Stanley has a Mayoral/Council form of government that meets the first and third Mondays of each month at 7 pm.  Wards 1, 2, 3 as well as Wards 4-8 each have two representatives on the city council.  Member of the current council are:

Alan Haas, Mayor

Mark Fitzsimmons & Rick Hodowanic – 1st Ward

Kevin Hendrickson & Kent Barby – 2nd Ward

Jacob Huff & Mike Karlen – 3rd Ward

Laurie Foster & Vacant – 4th - 8th Wards

The Common Council is in contact with the Public Works Department, who provides for the upkeep and projects in the city parks, water treatment and wastewater plants, streets and infrastruction areas.  Two Water treatment plants supply the city.  Daily water demands by business, industry and residential customers are nearly one million gallons per day.  A newly upgraded wastewater treatment plant is located on the southeast corner of the city, along Highway 29.

The City Police Department and Clerk-Treasurers Office is located at 353 South Broadway Street, Stanley WI. The Police Department can be reached for a non-emergency at (715) 644-5975. Our officers provide around the clock protective services. Our Volunteer Fire Department is housed  at 239 E 1st Ave providing 24 hour fire and emergency services. Firefighters are also trained First Responders.